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How to Keep Flowers Fresh Longer

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Ever wondered why fresh flowers seem to only last a few days?

Flowers are alive just like you & me. Flowers need to be taken care of to stay alive, just like you & me! The process of keeping flowers fresh longer is due to each flower’s shelf life and grooming routine. 

Here are some quick & easy tips on how to keep your fresh flowers fresher, longer:

1. Use a clean vase with fresh clear water

  • You may use any vase of your choice that is free of dirt and grime inside and out.
  • Using fresh, pure water is ABSOLUTELY necessary. Start by filling your vase with fresh water, then include flower-preservatives- known was “flower food”- which will help nourish flowers as they have been de-leaved and are cut from it’s root’s natural source of food.
    • homemade flower food can be made with 2 tbsp of white vinegar and 1 tbsp of sugar.
  • Replenish water daily or every other day. Flowers soak up water faster after they are cut, so it is important to change vase water as often as possible.

2. Keep flowers well-groomed

  • Once flowers are picked from their natural source of water and exposed to natural air, they will welt faster. Use a sharp knife to trim off thorns and excess leaves on a slant to avoid possible cuts.
  • From time to time, mist your flowersto keep them hydrated and long-lasting.

3. Location! Location! Location!

  • Where you place your fresh flowers around the house is a key step in extending its freshness.
  • Try to avoid arranging flowers next to electronic equipment due to the heat and radiation.
  • Storing flowers away from direct sunlight and fans, which in time will increase heat and induce water loss.

4. Refrigerate

  • If needed, place your flower vase in the refrigerator just like the florist for well rounded temperature control.

Sunflowers, roses, orchids, hydrangeas! Whatever your favorite flowers, follow these steps and enjoy your gorgeous flowers for days & days!